Growth and Change

 The Conditions for Awesome Growth & Change 

Unconditional Positive Regard

People are inherently worthy and need love, affection, and respect. Growth is possible when people see their worth and their worth is acknowledged—unconditionally. You can expect the coaching relationship and process to have these qualities. All awesome growth is possible when we know we are unconditionally worthy, and our worth is validated and acknowledged! *


Honesty is essential. Honesty is required from both the coach and client throughout the coaching process for successful progress and results. The degree to which you are honest with yourself about your attitude toward yourself and how you show up in the world, directly influences your capacity to grow, change, and see your hopes and dreams come to fruition. As your coach, you can expect that I will be honest with you about your progress and that I will challenge you to be honest with yourself. All awesome growth happens in the context of honesty! *


Accountability is also about honesty. All awesome growth happens in the context of accountability! * You can expect that I will hold you accountable for taking the steps you decide to take to reach your goals.

Belief & Hope

All people have the capacity for growth and change. This capacity can be acted on when people believe they can change, and when others believe they can change. Both the coach and client must believe that change and growth are possible for progress to occur. All awesome growth happens when we believe change is possible! And change is always possible! *

Acceptance of Process & Complexity

Personal development is a process, and this requires patience and persistence. We learn from all experiences, including what we perceive to be challenges, problems, and failure. Our lives are also complex and multifaceted. Who we are is the result of many factors, including our biological makeup, childhood environments, our current environments and circumstances, our coping skills, personalities, and a lot more! Acknowledging that many factors shape who we are helps us to be less judgmental toward ourselves and others and gives us leverage to create change in our lives, relationships, and careers. All awesome growth is possible when we view life as a journey and process, with amazing complexities and opportunities! *

Strengths & Empowerment

The coaching process is strengths-based. While coaching involves identifying what keeps you from realizing your full potential, combining this awareness with knowing your unique strengths and abilities creates a powerful framework for coaching and reaching your potential. You can also expect, as your coach, that I will see, and remind you, of your potential—sometimes even before you are able to see it yourself. Also, you are the expert on your life. While I will use many skills and methods to help you, I value clients as experts on themselves. I am your guide on your journey to finding whatever it is you truly desire or want to achieve. All awesome growth occurs when our strengths are acknowledged and accentuated! *


Moving forward to reach our goals requires identifying what keeps us stuck. The blocks to realizing our full potential are often outside of our conscious awareness. Through a coaching process that is creatively investigative, you will become aware of who you are, what keeps you stuck, how to overcome it, and how to engage with your true potential. Curiosity about our lives opens the way to growth and change. All awesome growth happens in the context of a curious, investigative attitude about our lives, relationships, and life situations. *


Creativity is about thinking outside the box. I imagine you are looking to get out of your box and explore new ways of living! Therefore, the coaching relationship and process will honor and cultivate the creativity that is needed for personal and professional growth. All awesome growth occurs in the context of creativity! *


Intuition involves knowing that goes beyond intellect and words. You will find that I am an intuitive coach and that this augments the coaching relationship and process significantly. In addition, I will help you develop your own intuition, which will augment your personal growth and relationships. All awesome growth happens when we engage our higher, intuitive selves! *

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