Burnout & Trauma

  Burnout & Traumatic Stress 

Psychological Stress

Psychological Stress — (Wikipedia, 2018)

Stress: The Different Kinds of Stress — ( APA, n.d.)



Occupational Burnout — (Wikipedia, 2018)

Burnout Harms Workers’ Physical Health through Many Pathways — D. Smith Bailey (Monitor on Psychology, 2006)


Compassion Fatigue (CF)

Compassion Fatigue — (Wikipedia, 2018)


Vicarious Traumatization (VT)

Vicarious Traumatization (VT) — (Wikipedia, 2018)


Psychological Trauma

Psychological Trauma — (Wikipedia, 2018)


The Differences Between CF, VT, and Burnout

What is Compassion Fatigue? — An article explaining the difference between compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma, and burnout – Françoise Mathieu (tend, 2013)