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Manifestations at the Crossroads of Heaven and Earth

2024 Revision


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Dimensions 6″ X 9″
Black text on bright white paper
12 pt font
291 pages

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About the 2024 Revision

The author contributed to the cover edit for this 2024 paperback revision, which includes grammatical corrections throughout, a new photo of the author, a link to the new, From Beyond The Veil Ministry YouTube (coming in 2024), and an email address for From Beyond The Veil Ministry. The hard cover versions are no longer available. The Kindle version is currently unavailable.


About the Book

The veil between heaven and earth is thinner than you might think. And in a real sense, it doesn’t exist! God removed the veil through Jesus’s death and resurrection giving us direct access to Him. Symbolically, God showed this by tearing the curtain in the Jewish temple that separated the people from the Holy of Holies. Both events occurred simultaneously! The temple veil was thirty feet long and sixty feet high. Up to four inches thick! Enough to obscure the view of the Ark of the Covenant. Imagine witnessing the tear. Its appearance and sound. It was a big rip! And imagine the light that shone from within! Know, feel, hear & see God in everyday life! Follow the journey of a man who knows, feels, hears, and sees God. In this compelling spiritual memoir, you’ll read the true stories of how God meets Jason personally—through the Inner Voice, Unexpected Grace, The Manifest Presence, and The External Voice. Through the Divine Cinematographer and The Divine Script—in dreams. And through encounters with angels. And read about the power of love to transform communal life. True spiritual life from beyond the veil!

About the Author

JASON EARL SIGNOR is a lover of God, social research, the arts, and animals—especially cats. He is an identical twin. He is the founder of Your Amazing Journey, a coaching service that helps people—especially those with disabilities—navigate a career change. He grew up in Cortland, New York, USA and lives in Amherst, New York.

Table of Contents

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